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● CAS生鮮截切蔬果的特色


● CAS生鮮截切蔬果產品型態:

  1. 生鮮截切葉菜類
  2. 生鮮截切根莖類
  3. 生鮮截切花果類
  4. 生鮮截切組合包裝類
  5. 生鮮截切生菜沙拉類
  6. 生鮮截切水果類
  7. 冷凍蔬菜類



CAS High Quality Minimum Processed Vegetables and Fruits 

CAS high quality minimum processed vegetables and fruits are those vegetables and fruits products that are harvested, selected, washed, cut, dehydrated by centrifugation, and packed properly for further processing. But according to products' characteristics, bean sprouts without cutting and those vegetables and fruits that are merely de-stalked or removed the peel are also included in this category. 

Characteristics of CAS High Quality Minimum Processed Vegetables and Fruits
1. Supreme quality, the taste of freshness is highly retained
Minimum processed vegetables and fruits use fresh vegetables and fruits harvested from contracted farmyards, then vacuum pre-cooling treatment are applied to maintain the highest quality of the vegetables and fruits being harvested, follow by storing the "live" pre-cooled vegetables and fruits at the cold room, the taste of freshness is highly retained.

2. Healthy concept of food
During the preliminary processing procedure of the minimum processed vegetables and fruits, the vegetables and fruits are pre-cooled immediately after harvest, then selection is done to remove insects and defects. The vegetables and fruits are washed with 4℃ cold water in the whole cleaning process, so that the nutrients can be retained, and the life cycle of freshness can be maintained.

3. Sanitation and safety
Minimum processed vegetables and fruits have strict field management, the pesticides and fertilizers used are well monitored, and the regulation of safe harvest period has attained.

4. No waste disposal problem
After the pretreatment and preliminary processing procedures in the factories, the minimum processed vegetables and fruits can be processed directly without any waste disposal problem and also time saving.

5. Enrich our dietary content and upgrade the quality
Various contracted farmyards can provide a wide range of vegetables and fruits in
accordance with the seasons, thus enriching our dietary content, thus upgrading the quality.

Major products:

Salad cup; Fresh convenience pak; Pak chai; Ching geeng; Chinese kale; Edible rapt; Cabbage; Chinese cabbage; Spinach; Chinese mustard etc.